Reviews and Testimonials

“There is no question that THE QUARREL is the most powerful, cinematically effective, intellectually exciting and personally moving portrayal on the screen of the conflict within the modern soul between tradition and change. I cannot recall a movie that was at once so wrenching and touching in the viewing yet left me feeling so alive and inspired afterward.”

… Rabbi Irving Greenberg, CLAL

” …an immensely emotional work. Touchingly and even viscerally acted by Saul Rubinek and R.H. Thomson, the production is exceptionally shaded and orchestrated by Israeli director Eli Cohen… the talk in the well-crafted script by co-producer David Brandes is riveting… This is television so mature and so devoid of false sentiment, the achievement is dumbfounding.”
…Ray Loynd, Los Angeles Times

” One of the best films of the year. Intelligent, inspiring and deeply moving.”
… Jim Svejda, CBS Radio Network

” Compelling…A very thoughtful and thought-provoking movie, beautifully acted…”
… Jerry Tallmer, The New York Post

“ Brilliant…stands in sharp contrast to virtually every other film released this year… THE QUARREL achieves an emotional and philosophical depth that many movies aspire to and fall short of attaining.”
… David Monroe, Movieguide

” Fine direction, a forties era design that feels perfect and two superb actors at the top of their craft.”
… Christopher Harris, The Globe and Mail

” A really splendid film. A ferocious debate between the religious and secular worlds.”
… Liz Braun, The Toronto Sun

” Thomson and Rubinek are no less than magnificent.”
… John Levesque, The Spectator

” … bursting with provocative ideas and complex emotions… THE QUARREL is very likely the best fiction film on a Jewish theme in the postwar era.
… Stanley Feingold, Congress Monthly

” A sensitive & haunting film about some of the central issues in Jewish life in the wake of the Holocaust.”
… Chaim Potok, Author of The Chosen

Voted one of the 10 Best Feature Films

of 1992

… Michael Medved, Sneak Previews

…Ted Baehr, Movieguide Magazine

…Jeffrey Lyons, Sneak Previews

…James Svejda, CBS Radio

…Ed Koch, Our Town

” One of the Years Most challenging, intelligent & provocative films that touches the soul and the heart.”
… Michael Medved, Sneak Previews

” It is a rare triumph to confront issues of guilt and justice, not in a philosophical setting but in the context of a compelling drama. The Quarrel succeeds in doing just that.”
… Rabbi Harold Kushner

” Excellent… A war of the Spirit on a Battleground of Ideas.”
… Michael Wilmington, L.A. Times

” I have never seen a movie so intellectually invigorating…Brilliantly written and full of quotable moments…In the quarrel between these two men I heard an echo of my own internal quarrel, the secret dialogue every Christian would confess to if he were honest with himself.”
… Rev. Greg Koukl – Author, Radio Talk show host, Christian Apologist

” This is by far one of the “tightest” movies I have ever seen. Every word, gesture and setting emphasises the movie’s themes. Even the background sounds and music are purposeful. THE QUARREL is an outstanding movie experience. Beyond the entertainment value is THE QUARREL itself. Chaim and Hersh argue over questions which have plagued humanity from the very beginning. No one can passively sit through this movie; no one can view THE QUARREL and not be affected.
… William E. Brown, President, Bryan College

” THE QUARREL is about two old friends who had been separated by their belief and disbelief in God, and then by the holocaust. Everything about it is Jewish in the authentic sense.”
… Rabbi Gunther Plaut

” This screenplay captures the drama of the encounter between a man whose faith had prevailed and deepened in spite of the Holocaust, and one who had remained secular and sceptic. It is an unforgettable, intellectual and emotional experience.”
… Rabbi Wolfe Kelman

“An astonishingly Fine Film.”
… Norman Mark, NBC TV Chicago

” This is one of the most sensitive, beautiful and enthralling movies I have ever seen. The beauty is not in the surroundings, but in the look we get into the souls of two men…if you thought after seeing Europa Europa you had been privileged to view one of the great movies of the last 30 years, you will feel the same about this movie when you wipe the tears from yours eyes as the lights go up.”
… Ed Koch, Koch at the Movies, Our Town

” THE QUARREL touches a nerve…”
… Elaine Dutka, Los Angeles Times

” Mr. Brandes’ clever screenplay allows revelations to emerge…”
…Ilene Rosenzweig, Forward

” This ‘Quarrel’ Spans Ages…”
… Jan Hoffman, New York Times

” Packs its own subtle punch… The separately impassioned performances by the two leads, as well as the sharp, intelligent dialogue, keep things exhilaratingly fresh from start to finish.”
… Jeff Menell, Hollywood Reporter

” It reminds us of the questions pertaining to reconciliation and compromise we often ask. And in a way, it even gives a few meaningful answers, not only about understanding and accepting others, but also about ourselves.”
…Elie Franco, Village View