The Filmmakers

The Quarrel is a 1991 Independent Film starring Saul Rubinek and R.H.Thomson. The film was written by David Brandes and Joseph Telushkin, produced by David Brandes, and directed by Eli Cohen.

* * *

” One of the best films of the year. Intelligent, inspiring and deeply moving.”
… Jim Svejda, CBS Radio Network

” Compelling…A very thoughtful and thought-provoking movie, beautifully acted…”
… Jerry Tallmer, The New York Post

“ Brilliant…stands in sharp contrast to virtually every other film released this year… THE QUARREL achieves an emotional and philosophical depth that many movies aspire to and fall short of attaining.”
… David Monroe, Movieguide

” Fine direction, a forties era design that feels perfect and two superb actors at the top of their craft.”
… Christopher Harris, The Globe and Mail